Are you the Maid of Honor?


    Have you heard how important the maid of honor role really is? So, if you have to be one and you do not know exactly what is expected of you, take a look at this…


There will be a few months of hard work and a little stress. But just remember that this person, so special to you, deserves that and more, with your help and support of a wedding coordinator, the big day will be a total success.

  • Choose the wedding dress and the bridesmaid’s dresses: If you enjoy going shopping on a normal day imagine accompanying your best friend to find the perfect dress for the wedding. Furthermore, it is increasingly common for all the bridesmaids to wear similar dresses, the same color or tone of the wedding and for that you should think of a design that looks nice for all of them.
  • Prepare the Bridal Shower: When she gets married many things are going to change, So, because you know her better than anyone and she should be the queen of the party, make the guest list, choose the most convenient date and prepare the best bridal shower ever.
  • Helping the bride on the wedding day: the great day to come and stress has taken over the bride, you have to be there at all times to reassure her and to help her with the details and any inconvenience that may arise.
  • Give a nice speech: surprise everyone with emotional words to the bride. If you have some stage fright prepare and read what you want to say and if not, let the intensity and spontaneity of your feelings speak for you.

“When you love someone all your saved-up wishes start coming out”
Elizabeth Bowen

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