Welcome table, Candy Bar or Guest Gift table

At las caletas we know that the wedding is all about emotions! The first impression of your big day is given in the form of your invitations. Long gone are the days of the simple guests book table, NOW welcome your guests to the ceremony and reception with a WOW!!

We select the best ideas according to our latest weddings.

At the ceremony and reception; Welcome tables are not only the location of the guests book and card box, these tables also serve as a beautiful decorative element, actually our brides really like to add elements handmade or make it yourself, like our couple Natasha and Nicolas.

For her ceremony, Alize selected the perfect guest gift: sunglasses with a funny text causing wear it!

A welcome table vignette is adorable and creative, yet functional.  Perfect for a classic rustic wedding focused on something simple but classy and Mr. and Mrs. Rodriguez chose a DYI welcome guests and made it work!

On the other hand Chris & Jaime tried something handmade and they incorporated a tree as a guest book.

Another couple added family photos, emotive for all the family like Yani & Matt´s wedding. That´s always a great way to give guests a feeling of love before they walk into your that´s always a great way to give guests a feeling of love before they walk into your ceremony or before the banquet.

Candy bar is another great way to execute a WELCOME with a WOW. Julie and Matthew choose a mix of candies and shots for theirs guests.

Finally, make your day unforgettable for all your guests with a special gift that confirms they were part of this special date. Our brides are always creative and they choose maracas (panting with their favorite color).

Our couple, Victor & Tony were chosen by a Mexican detail just to remind that they were celebrating in Mexico!

Ainsley & Riley had a great idea with a cigar station and all the cigars as a guest gift.

Weddings are all about details!

Exploit your creativity and ideas and enjoy your big day!

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