8 creative ways to seat your wedding guests

You’ve figured out who you want to sit by whom, now it’s time to  get creative and make it your own. Here are 8 creative ideas to customize your seat assignments!


Personalized Notes

As an alternative to traditional escort cards on a table, create a board and pin the cards horizontally. Use a mix of colors and designs that match your wedding theme. A touching addition is a thank you note on the back side. Let your guests know how much you appreciate them for attending and add a cute memory you have with each person!



Take a shot
Add a kick to a Mexican-themed wedding by placing your escort cards on top of a lime slice and a shot of tequila. Trust us, this goes over well!


Frame it up

For a creative twist, Maxine & Eric used several picture frames and they listed the guests by table on each frame, creating a beautiful display. Bonus: keep the frames for your house décor.


Incorporate your wedding theme

Add elements to the seating cards according to your wedding theme, for instance, since our wedding receptions take place at a beautiful private beach, we’ve had couples bring cute, ceramic coral place card holders. One of our favorites was Jackie & Andrew’s wedding – they used ceramic sand dollars with the guest names written in gold pen.


Let it be

If you prefer that your guests have the freedom to sit anywhere, let them know with a decorative board and a catchy phrase like: “We found each other, now find a seat!”







Hang in there

Some couples bring cardstock with a list of guests per table that we can hang at the entrance of our reception area. Nicole and Nick went a step further and attached a cute, old-fashioned key to each — it looked classic and lovely!

Pick your “SEAT!”


We love these beach chair seating cards almost as much as your guests will like sitting in them! (Figuratively speaking of course!)

These simple and easy-to-make beach chairs are a great to tie-in to your beach themed wedding. They also add a splash of color to the welcome table.

A “toast” to your table.f533c35c1cdf7ce78329bfb6650a9aef

Welcome your guests with a toast of champagne while sending them to their seats! These champagne seating cards are perfect to keep your wedding elegant and modern. Add a piece of fruit to any of the glasses to add a splash of color!  

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