The “I Still Do” Wedding

Marriage is a beautiful time of sharing experiences and living life together. What better way to say “I Love You, then, now and forever” to the most important person in your life than to have a vow renewal ceremony?

Here are our tips on planning the most incredible I “Still Do” wedding celebration:

  1. Who will attend?
    We recommend an intimate setting. Inviting your closest family, your children and your closest friends.
  2. Recreating the Vows
    Do you remember your original vows? We recommend sitting  down with your partner and reading through the original questions. Do the promises reflect your current marriage? If not, write new ones that are more representative. Maybe work in the things you didn’t know when you read your first vows  and how those unknowns have made you stronger. Vows can also be taken as a family also, including your kids in the ceremony, with promises and messages of appreciation spoken to them as well.
  3. Then and Now Music
    Include some music from your first ceremony as well as new music with new meaning now. A First Dance lets you re-dance to your original wedding song, or you may choose your own new ‘our song’ for this first dance. Also – dedicate a dance to each of your children! That can be fun, especially if the children are really young!

  4. Re-Wear the Dress?
    Do you still have your wedding dress? Many women choose to have their wedding dress altered and wear it again. Others, prefer to wear other clothes that better reflect their personality. What style rings most true for you?

  5. New Witnesses
    While some couples will include people who participated in their first wedding to join them again for the renewal of vows, others prefer to include their children and new friendships. It can create a very emotional and special moment to include the children (or grandchildren!) possibly even ask them to share some thoughts during the ceremony.

  6. Party!
    Hold a reception after the ceremony or take everyone to an informal dinner, a picnic or a party at their favorite restaurant or destination. Ask yourself what kind of celebration best fits your relationship and take everyone to that special place.

TRENDSkip The Gifts – Make a difference!
Many couples are opting to ask for donations instead of gifts for their vow renewal and choosing a charity of choice that is meaningful for their family. Can you name a charity that is close to both of your hearts. You can set up a tablet on a “gift table” so people can make donations online as well. Add this element of “giving back” to your celebration!


TELL USWhat does your ideal Vow Renewal ceremony include?

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