Ultimate Beach Wedding Lighting Guide

This week on our Adventure Weddings Facebook Page  we are highlighting great wedding reception décor. A sometimes overlooked, but simple addition to your décor is the lighting. With well-planned lighting, you can create an entirely different effect at a venue and truly make it your own. Candles, uplighting, string lighting and fire light are powerful ways to take a beach wedding from simple to splendid. With a little creativity, you can use the same location for your wedding and your reception and change up the lighting to create a new and different feel to each segment of your big day.


Here are some incredible lighting ideas we have seen from the creative brides at Las Caletas.


String Lighting + Paper Cut-outs

A fun (and inexpensive) reception lighting idea is to add numerous strands of tiny string lights. Add these string lights alongside traditional mexican paper cutout strings for a unique and traditional touch that will create a conversation starter for your guests.

Adventure weddings mexican chic decoration


The Sunset

When talking about lighting, we cannot overlook the most incredible sunset that Puerto Vallarta and Las Caletas offers. Those moments when the sun bathes the sky in a soft pink glow and the clouds are ablaze in pinks and reds is a sight that will make you stop in your tracks and admire the sky – realizing you are in paradise. But our soft pink twilight only lasts for about 10-15 minutes per evening, so plan your photography accordingly as it is lighting that you will not want to miss.

sunset picture by Adventure weddings



Add a relaxed a friendly gathering place for your guests to be surrounded by the soft, flickering glow of a bon fire. The bonfire casts yellow hues across the reception area and is also a fun way to warm up if the sea breeze is a little chilly!

Adventure WeddingsAWCC-371 2



One our our bride favorites for a beach wedding at Las Caletas is to use sparklers to light up the dance floor for special dances. The lighting that is cast from 100+ sparklers creates a magical and surreal moment in time. Check out these inspiring photos of a wedding party who used sparklers to add to a dramatic effect to their first dance.




At a rustic, beach location, thousands of candles create a beautiful effect. Candles and votives are a soft, simple way to light up the beach under a star-studded sky. Think outside the box with these ideas and unique spins on a traditional favorite.



Tabletop Candles

There will always be a place in our hearts for candlelit tabletops. It is a timeless and elegant style that will never get old. Light up your reception tables and centerpieces with the soft glow of delicate candlelight.


Adventure Weddingsawsp-15032014-114


Candle Uplighting – On The Rocks

Not to be confined to tabletops, candle lighting can be used all around your beach wedding. Light pathways and add uplighting to rock walls to create an overall glow for your guests.

Advenure weddings dinner area (1)

Votive Candle Beach Designs

Create glowing effects on the beach like a firelit heart or your initials in the sand. Light the candles together from opposite ends, meeting in the middle for fun photo ops during your reception.

Bonfire_Resting Chairs

Paying a little extra attention to the lighting of each room and space at your wedding is a simple way to add a dramatic effect and ambience as well as drawing focus to the areas and moments that matter most.

Which type of lighting is your favorite to use for a beach wedding?



  • Candlelight
  • Sunset
  • String Lights
  • Sparklers
  • Other?: _________


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