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On Facebook this week, we have been highlighting the weddings of “creatives” — those people who just cannot do “the norm”, who make their wedding so unique and special that we are all talking about it for years to come. So, in our blog this week, we want to highlight the super creative side of wedding photography sessions. The best way to capture the special moments of your day is with fabulous, professional and creative photography. Photos that convey happiness and capture the hugs and the tears…  here are two of our favorites:

Trash The Dress
TRENDOf course, we cannot talk about trending photography without mentioning the “Trash the Dress” shoots! If you are not privy to this new trend, the photo shoot takes place the day after the wedding and the bride wears her gown one last time with the intent of doing whatever she wants in it (sometimes the groom joins her in his tux – hopefully it’s not a rental). This can take place in a beautiful natural setting like the beach, a pool, a river or on a mountaintop (or even while scuba diving!!)! If you are an urban girl, the city is perfect for your photo shoot. What do you love? How about a quick, bride-vs.-groom soccer game in your dress or epic contrasting photography in an alleyway, on a rusted staircase, or at a meaningful landmark. This is where your personality can really shine! Be creative and out-of-the-box. What location represents your personality? Where are your favorite places to go? Go THERE with the dress (and maybe add some tennis shoes or fins)!

First look
A bride/groom-only photo shoot prior to the ceremony is a great option to  capture the most authentic and intimate moments. Capture the “first look” when the bride and groom see each other for the very first time in their wedding attire. These photos are moving and emotional and can be perfect displayed in color or in black and white.

TELL USWhat are your favorite wedding photography trends?
Have you had a Trash the Dress session? We want to see it! Share it with us below!

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