Top 6 Reasons to Have a Destination Wedding

Destination weddings are raising in popularity, but why have one? Are they all the same? How do you plan a wedding while you are far away? We have put together the top reasons why you should consider getting married in an exclusive & unique beach, a location that will become the most special place on the world to you and your future groom. Here are a few reasons to get you thinking about a destination wedding to say, “I do”.

  1. Your Pictures are Priceless
    Nothing is more breathtaking than the beauty of nature! Whether you choose a private beach hideaway or the majestic Sierra Madre Mountains against the endless Pacific Ocean view, mother nature always puts on a show! Your destination wedding photos will be the envy of all of your friends. Who else has a wedding where the parrots deliver the rings as the endless waves lap softly onto a smooth, sand beach?! The assortment of exotic flowers available is endless, whether used as decorations or in your bouquet, you won’t find these assortments back home! Your destination wedding location is already a paradise, even before decorations – imagine if you add a few white cloth elements here – some exotic flowers there – a few small touches is all it takes to bring your dream wedding to life, with little effort!
  2. The Stress-Free Planning Process
    Let your Wedding specialist do her magic! Having a wedding coordinator on-site at the location of your destination wedding helps with stress-free planning. She is someone who knows the environment, who knows the best locations for photos, the best food selections and who knows the best assortment of flowers! With your coordinator taking care of every tiny detail of your wedding – family, friends, flowers, the dance… you can relax and get ready for your big day without all the stress, your wedding coordinator will know exactly what to do.
  3. Everything is in One place
    At a Destination wedding, you do not have to worry about the distance to the church, or the distance to the photo session. Everything is on the same area! There are dedication locations nearby to get ready, photos with the beach as a backdrop, videos and the ceremony are also in the same location – removing all the stress from thinking about transportation and accommodations.
  4. Enjoy more quality time with your loved ones
    Typically, weddings today last about 5 hours. The entire time, the bride & groom are busy running around making sure that every detail is taken care of – before they know it – the whole day has gone by and they didn’t even have a chance to stop and enjoy the minute-to-minute bliss of the wedding, the party and being surrounded by people they love and care about. When you have a destination wedding, it makes it easier to relax and enjoy your family and friends. With a coordinator taking care of all the timing and the details, you and your new spouse can spend your time enjoying the most important part of the festivities – the ones you love!
  5. Guys actually like the idea of having a destination wedding:
    The groom and groomsmen get excited about having a destination wedding because there are more options for fun activities. They are more involved in the planning process because destination weddings are surrounded by fun things to do – it’s like a vacation with all the amenities right up to the big day! They can organize day-trips with fun activities like golfing, scuba or sailing with the guys.
  6. Your honeymoon can begin right away!
    Simply arriving at your destination will put you in a relaxed mood because you are already on your vacation.


Let the adventure begin!

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