Ring Bearer: 101

As you work on planning your beach wedding, you will need to choose a ring bearer – but there is a little more planning than just the choice! A ring bearer is traditionally a young boy, no more than 10 years old, who walks down the aisle just before the flower girl. This can be one of the most memorable and touching moments of your big day! Here are ideas and considerations for you while you prepare your ring bearer for his big role.

Ring Bearer Outfit Ideas
Children are much happier when they’re comfortable (aren’t we all?!). We recommend a light, breezy ring bearer outfit because a beach wedding is typically hot and humid (more so than a city wedding). You want your little guy to be comfortable and fresh so that he can focus on his important duties at the wedding. Dress him in light linens in neutral colors for an angelic touch or add a fashionable pop of color with a bow tie or suspenders that match your color theme.

What will he carry?
We have so many fun ideas for ring bearers from carrying the rings on a traditional ring bearer pillow to bringing a little tailor-made sign that shows his (and your) unique wit and humor. Maybe the sign reads, “Last chance to run, Uncle Noah!” or “Don’t worry ladies, I’m still single!” You want your ring bearer to reflect the ambiance of your ceremony and your unique personality. You make the rules!

TRENDRing Bearer Gifts?
Yes – this is becoming a thing! A rising number of people are extending their wedding party gifts to include the little tykes too! Get him a fun, themed toy that he can use during the ceremony or throughout the day. Like a cute wooden camera (themed to match your day) so that he can “document” the day with the other photographers. Or, if he’s shy, try out some flashy shoe wings or “invisibility” sunglasses to give him confidence to walk down the aisle!

Let him know how important he is!
Adding a little guy into your ceremony can create a touching moment, as well as some funny and unscripted moments as well!  These unplanned additions add to the memories and personality of your wedding day. An important suggestion we make, especially when the kids are really little, is to talk to them in advance and include them in the rehearsal. This helps them understand the importance of their role and also gives them an opportunity to practice in front of people who are encouraging them.

What if we don’t have children available?
You can also toss out the whole traditional concept and include many other ideas for delivering the rings – how about a parrot to fly in and deliver your rings in a little satchel?! Or, an endearing addition we have seen lately is to add in the  grandparents as the flower “girl” and ring bearer. The grandpa carries the rings and the grandma, the flowers.

TELL USWho is one of the most memorable ring bearers you have seen during a wedding?

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