Planning the Perfect Wedding

So you are starting to plan your wedding. Regardless of whether it is a beach destination wedding, a traditional church wedding in your hometown or a totally unique Adventure Wedding, there are certain things that EVERY bride needs to take into consideration. Here are some of our basic tips. Good luck and congratulations!

  • Guests: Get an approximate number of guests that you will invite before deciding on your wedding location. This is going to help you not only decide on where, but will also get you thinking about how much! $$$
  • A Meal Plan for your Vendors: Feeding you wedding day crew can make a big difference to your budget. Everyone will be hungry at some point, but remember, it is not necessary that those that are there to work eat the same food as your invited guests! One thing to never lose sight of is the budget, and this can easily add a few hundred dollars on to the cost if you are not careful!
  • Confirmation: None of us like it, but it is a reality….and with your guest list, you will at some point be grateful for it….REJECTION! According to our experience and recent statistics, 25% of guests are not able to attend the wedding they have been invited to, and this is often higher when it is a Destination Wedding. So, always a good idea to have an A list and a B list…know your total capacity and be prepared for people to say no!
  • Prioritize your guest list: Whether you like it or not, there are certain guests who are more important than others, there are some that just HAVE to be there, and then there are the ones that “we really should invite”. If there is one thing we have learned, the only people that need to be at a wedding are the ones that you both really WANT to be there. It is your day, and you don’t need to invite anyone you don’t want to!
  • Rooming list: If you have decided on a Destination Wedding, you will be looking for a hotel. Remember that hotels give group discounts, so try and get everyone’s commitment before sending the rooming list. The more people, the more bargaining power you have!
  • Classify your Money: Learn to budget! One of the hardest things to do when planning your wedding is not get carried away! We all have a dream wedding in mind, but, its feet on the ground time. You need to prioritise what is essential, important, ideal and finally “sacrificeable”…and be prepared to take those tough decisions. Trust in your wedding coordinator to advise on what works and what doesn’t. Sometimes it is easy to spend money on things that in a Tropical Climate just wont work!
  • Fashion Emergency: Buying the of the most important parts of the whole process, and one of the most exciting…and one that should be enjoyed in the company of someone! Take your mom, your maid of honor, your mother-in-law to be, or take them all! But remember, ultimately, the one wearing dress is you! So regardless of what they say, your opinion is the one that counts.

The whole planning process can be stressful, it will be testing, and at some point you will ask yourself the question whether it is really worth all the hassle. Trust us when we say yes a million times over. When it all comes together, and you have said your I Do’s in front of your loved ones, the planning will be just a distant memory.

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