Pamela & Benjamin – Vow Renewal

f you ever wondered whether true love can really survive, Pam and Benjamin are living proof that it can. They met when Ben went into the cafe where Pam worked and ordered a sandwich. They knew right away it was something special, and moved in together soon after they met. The wedding happened on a cool September night in Yuba City, California in 1979. Pam’s Father performed the ceremony which created their vows, and our minister helped renew them on a warm afternoon in sunny Las Caletas, Puerto Vallarta. Check out the photo of their guest book where Pam and Ben are wearing sombreros, a photo taken on their last night in Mazatlan, Mexico…a holiday they called their “honeymoon”…taken in May 1979.


These are Pam’s words about the experience…”Dennise, we were amazed at how wonderful our vow renewal was!! Everyone is still talking about it! Even though it rained, it was PERFECT! When Chuy was saying the part of the Apache prayer that says, “Now you will feel no rain, for you will be shelter for each other”, it stopped raining! I still get  chills when I think about it! It was magical! The sky lanterns were amazing also! Everyone felt in awe when they were released. It was almost a sacred moment.”


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