Planning A Multi-Cultural Wedding Celebration

Weddings are full of touching and heartfelt times to share with the one you love as well as friends and family. They are especially moving when they involve different cultures and backgrounds. Here are some of the suggestions we have for planning a multi-cultural wedding full of inspirational traditions that will bring together cultures, backgrounds and religions into a party that is sure to be loved by all!

Celebrate Diversity!
Enjoy this time of planning! Work together to combine traditions in a diverse celebration that will be uniquely yours! Sharing your culture with your partner, understanding together and appreciating the different customs will give you a great start to a long and happy relationship together!

1. Be Daring with a Fashionable Fusion

We hosted a Hindu wedding for a couple and the celebration lasted 3 days!!! We loved the professional henna artwork that the bride and her entire family wore on their hands and feet. In the Hindu culture, it is believed that henna enhances the beauty of the bride – and we definitely agree!

2. Wedding Party Customs

Bring together traditions from each background for the wedding party arrival. Maybe adding small symbols that represent each culture to the bouquet or boutonniere. Or have the wedding party arrive in a traditional fashion. In the Hindu wedding, the groom arrived to the wedding with his family and closest friends in an incredible parade that included traditional singing and dancing. The entrance represented the happiness the groom and his family felt toward the new bride.

3. Blending Ceremonial Traditions

In Jewish weddings, the couple breaks a glass together to be reminded of the fragility of relationships. In the Filipino culture, they include a money dance. At our Hindu favorite, they included a Ganesh Puja ritual for good luck. Ganesh representing the destruction of all obstacles. It may not be feasible to include ALL of the traditions of both the bride’s culture and the groom’s culture – but pick the traditions that will be the most meaningful and respectful to you and your family.

Most of all – have fun while you plan! Check out the images above for more ideas and inspiration!

TRENDOn Trend: Reciting Your Vows in Your Native Language

We have seen this displayed in two ways. One: recite the vows to your beloved in your first language. There’s something so special about saying your vows in the language of your heart and mind. You could also change it up and read the vows to your spouse in his/her language – this version takes a lot more practice!

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