Make a difference on your wedding day! check out some extra elements that you can add.

In Adventure weddings, we know that details are very important to make a spectacular and unforgettable wedding, but how to create the Wow factor without affecting your budget? Consider your main priorities, invests where you want to create an impact and make it happen!

1.- Illumination. This element can create a special ambiance adding depth and romanticism to the night. From Chinese lanterns to string lights, there are many options to create a beautiful and illuminated weeding setup.

2.- Candles. We know that candles always provide a touch of romanticism and a lovely decoration giving the venue a feeling of love everywhere.

3.- More Flowers. Flowers in a Wedding are never enough; so if you have the opportunity and the budget for it, DO IT! You will discover the infinity of details and decoration you can have and to make your event a wish come true, not to mentioned the beautiful pictures!

4.- Wedding gifts. Make your big day unforgettable with a special present for them, as a sign of your appreciation for their company on this unique occasion.

5.- Premium open bar! Don’t stop the party, have fun with all the family and guests and enjoy the magical moment.



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