How To Deliver the Perfect Wedding Toast

So, you’ve been asked to be the Maid (or Matron) of Honor – you’re prepared for all of the normal duties and leading the bridesmaids – but what about the public speaking?! Not to worry, we have a simple outline to help you plan your perfect toast. Simply follow our method and you will be good to go!


We’ve all heard stories of off-the-cuff, inebriated wedding toasts and, although it can be memorable, we are guessing that, since you are reading this, you don’t want that kind of toast! 

1. Start with a STORY


      • Storytelling is ALWAYS trendy – everyone loves a story and stories are also a comfortable opener because they’re fun to tell and easy to rehearse! What kind of story? Start with a story that is inspirational in your life and also involves the bride. When is a time that she spoke words of wisdom into your life? Or, if you prefer to start a little lighter, pick a funny story from the past involving you and the bride. Maybe about the first time she told you about the groom. What was that like? The BEST story will be the one that comes to mind first!


  • YES, we’re talking old-fashioned-style, with pen & paper! It doesn’t have to be perfect, in fact, it’s better if you don’t focus on perfect – you can fix it later, just get it all out in a messy first draft.
  • The best toasts are the ones that begin with a lighthearted story and weave it into a deeper concept or journey of discovery. How does your story teach us about love? About friendship and loyalty? What life lesson does it draw to mind for you? Find a way, in your own words to express this. Write it out as if you are telling the bride and no one else is around – that way it’s more likely to come across genuine and not cheesy.


    • You want to know what will make you the MOST comfortable? Practice. Practice. Practice. There are no short-cuts here!
      • FIRST: Practice in front of a mirror FIVE times – all the way through. As you feel there is a strange transition or something to fix, scribble in your fix and keep going.
      • SECOND: Involve 2-3 friends, or bridesmaids if you don’t mind the early reveal of your toast. Hold an empty champagne glass and read your toast in front of them. Ask them what they think! Do they think you speak too slow or too fast? Is there any part that doesn’t make sense? Read it one more time for your friends – for perfection.
      • THIRD: Write your current version on notecards and, in the 3 days leading up to the wedding, practice it two times, all the way through, each day to yourself or to friends.
        • How do you feel when you start your first line? Make sure the first line of your toast is the most comfortable as that will be the time you are the most UNcomfortable. You want the words to flow easily here, so if it feels better to say it in another way – write in your changes.



This is important to consider beforehand so you can be comfortable and know what to expect. During the rehearsal dinner, ask the DJ to tell you the best place to stand. Are you more comfortable at your chair, or walking around the tables as you talk (ask for a wireless mic)? Share that information with the DJ so he/she can place you where you will sound the best.


CHECK, CHECK, 1 – 2 — Is this on?

Where and how to hold the mic? We know you are nervous, so it’s best to practice WITH a mic at home (a hairbrush works too). Make sure you hold the microphone close to your mouth (within about 2-3 inches) and don’t let the mic fall away from your face as you speak. Our most common issues is when people slowly bring the microphone down as they speak so their voice gets softer and softer. Hold it close! Speak with confidence so that everyone can hear you.



  • Don’t drink before the toast!
    • Hold your champagne, but wait until after your toast to have a drink.
  • Keep a mirror close.
    • Most wedding toasts occur after dinner is served. Make sure to check your teeth in the mirror before your speech to ensure perfect teeth for the photos.

There you have it! Follow these steps and you will feel comfortable and happy with your toast. We wish you luck – go get ‘em!



What tips would you add to our list to create the perfect wedding toast?

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