How to choose your bridal bouquet


When choosing the best wedding bouquet, you want to think about your personality, dress style, wedding theme, favorite color and bridal look. In our experience working with brides from all over the world, this is how we help choose wedding bouquets:

Classy bouquet; if you are going to get married at night or if you define yourself as a classic bride, the best option would be a white wedding bouquet, with beautiful roses, lilies or calla flower.

Cheerful bouquet: if you want to transmit happiness and fun, choose a colorful wedding bouquet. It works well for outdoor weddings, day weddings and beach weddings at LasCaletas.

Romantic or feminine bouquet: Are you a romantic and dreamy? Choose a bouquet with red roses, pink and white color, classy and feminine.

Wild or rustic:  The perfect choice for a bride with a free spirit! Perfect for an outdoor wedding, beach wedding or during spring and summer seasons.

Alternative bouquets:  Try a new trend that is out of the ordinary. Choose succulents, cold tones or greenery to complete a chic and elegant look.

Finally, remember the Groom's boutonniere, it should look like your bouquet. Click through our floral gallery to see 60+ inspirational wedding bouquets. Happy bouquet shopping! And remember: you don’t have to toss it, you can always preserve it!


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