Food and drinks you must avoid before your wedding day.

As wedding coordinators we know that every bride wants to look beautiful and spectacular in her wedding day!! An amazing skin, implacable body and hair!! Well, here you got some recommendations that may be help to make this happen.

1.- SALT… Get away from the salty food, Salt is the best ally of fluid retention and this will cause swelling and heaviness all day!!!

2.- Carbonated drinks: Soda, mineral water … this kind of drink will make you feel swollen and uncomfortable, not good isn’t it?

3.- Foods that cause intestinal gas… AVOID beans, cauliflower, broccoli, Brussels sprouts and green cabbage, you rather try water-rich vegetables such as cucumber, celery or asparagus, you are going to feel much better and ready for the big day!!

4.- Alcoholic drinks: We already know that you want to celebrate every moment this import date!! But we suggest reserve the toast for the big day… Avoid the alcohol for a few days before the wedding date; this really helps your skin, in addition to low calorie.

5.- Coffee: We know that coffee really helps to feel with energy the full day!! However, caffeine can act as a catalyst anxiety and if you add to that the stress that you already feel about the wedding, it is not a good idea. One cup of coffee will be great (Just one J !!)


Take in mind this important information; we are sure this really can help to have a successful and spectacular wedding day!!

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