First dance song.

Remember that your song choices define you as a married couple. It is the song that defines your story.

Have these pointers in mind to choose the perfect song:


  • Find a music style that you both like.

Maybe you don’t have a music style as a couple; this is why it could take a while to find a music style that you both like. Once you have decided on a style it will be easier to make your song choice.

Nowadays you can listen as many songs online as you wish and take the time to listen them carefully and know how much each of them last.


  • Choose songs with lyrics that have a special meaning to you.

Many song talk about love, overcoming difficulties or how important a person is to your life; this could be your main inspiration to find the right song for your first dance.


  1. Find a rhythm you can both dance,

It often happens that one person in a couple is a better dancer tan the other but that doesn’t have to be a problem as long as you choose a tune you can both dance to.


  • Be original,

We are used to listen to slow and super romantic songs for a couple’s first dance songs. But now couples are seeking for a new beat and think a little outside the box to seek the one moment where they have all of their guests attention. Having a customized dance or upbeat happy song can be a great way to show your love to all your friends, family and guests in a unique and fun way.


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