Evening Beach Wedding

So you’ve been swept away by the idea of the sea breeze blowing through your hair and your toes in the sand with the love of your life on your wedding day. Beaches make a gorgeous automatic backdrop that needs nearly no additional decoration for the ceremony. But you may be wondering: what time is the best time to get married on the beach? Evening weddings are definitely not as common as day weddings, but they are ever so romantic and alluring. Here are three things to ponder if you are considering an evening wedding.

  1. Timing

TRENDWhen does the sun set at the beach you want? Make sure you do your research for the date that you want your wedding to fall on and not simply for today – as the setting of the sun will change based on time of year and daylight savings! You have a few options with timing. You can begin after the sun sets, or time your wedding to begin as the sun is setting. Timing for the sunset can be beautiful – we have the best sunsets in Puerto Vallarta. Make sure to have a photo session during that 5-10-minute window when the atmosphere is bathed in the soft pinks and indigos of another spectacular sunset in Puerto Vallarta.

  1. Lighting

    Having a beach wedding gives you so many options for lighting. Especially at night, lighting is a key component. You can have a truly candle-lit ceremony on the beach with the soft waves lapping onto the shore. At Las Caletas, we have thousands of votives that can light up the beach and cast a warm glow for your photos. You can include lanterns, string lights and a bonfire as well.

“Evening weddings are the epitome of romance.”

Don’t forget the Moon!

     If you haven’t solidified the date of your wedding yet, check out the lunar calendar to take advantage of the light, of the full, or semi-full moon, and a sky full of radiant stars! On our secluded beach paradise at Las Caletas, the light of the full moon is truly spectacular and bright! Moonlight creates an unforgettable ambience for a wedding ceremony and a beautiful backdrop no matter the lighting you choose to add.

  1. Photography

     Is photography difficult for an evening wedding? Not to worry! Wedding photography in the soft glow of the moon as well as your added lighting, is the most classic, romantic and elegant photography. Just check out our gallery for incredible night photography of real weddings at Las Caletas Beach Hideaway!

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