Differences between Wedding Coordinator and Maid of honor.

Have you ever thought about it?

Both the Maid of Honor and the Wedding Coordinator are important! Each has a role and a goal. Let’s have a look.


1: Your Wedding coordinator is too busy! (There is a big difference between knowing your family members and arrange the setup of your ceremony and reception)

The weeding coordinator is really busy getting everything ready from the beginning to end of your Wedding event. Coordinating internal and external vendors, staff, setup times, etcetera.

they are the key point for the logistics and planning of the entire wedding event. Making sure every single detail goes as planned with the wedding couple months before.

During the Wedding day, they need to make sure that all of your ideas, pictures and chosen colors are perfect, just as you wished them.

* On the other hand Your maid of honor will help you with details like: organize the coffee in the morning or look for cousin Sofie for the family pictures, or going through the bride’s suitcase to find the garter she forgot to wear.



2: Your bridesmaids are your Friends and so, the best ones to assist you!!

Sometimes bridesmaids forget the importance of their role on such a special day for the bride: Their Best friend! And your team!!

Include them in the details, planning process and enjoy your big day with the best company “your BFF´S”

Remember that their important role is to help out the bride hours before she is ready to give her “I do”, help her with her coffee, lip gloss & garter…

In Adventure weddings, we love seeing you happy and enjoying one of the best days of your life. This is our priority and we do it with lots of love.

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