Ceremony Décor

So you’ve decided on a destination beach wedding and now you want to know how to shape this gorgeous beach venue to reflect your personality and style? Not to worry, we’ve got you covered! Here are our tried-and-true recommendations!

Featured Photo: chairs with starfish

Featured Photo: chairs with starfish

Decorate the Chairs
Chair décor is a commonly overlooked detail. With a pop of color, a splashy ribbon or a precisely placed floral arrangement you can transform a traditional seating section into a beautiful and decorative part of your wedding. Add touches of originality with your own inspiration – we love the ceramic starfish decor lining the aisle in this beach wedding!

The location of the seating section is also an important part of your wedding. If your ceremony takes place on a beautiful beach hideaway, like Las Caletas, the perfect spot for seating will be on the beach, of course! Ensuring that all the photography includes the sea and the sunset in the background!

A Bamboo Canopy
TRENDA bamboo canopy, or “chuppa”, is a great idea to frame the front of your wedding ceremony as it also creates a large canvas for decorations. The chuppa will act as a centerpiece as well as a definition to the beauty of your ceremony. It will lend a beautiful backdrop for your wedding photos.

We offer numerous styles to accommodate your unique taste and personality. Try out a white bamboo chuppa with flowers in the middle for a romantic and fresh addition, perfect for couples that are looking for a nice picture. Or what about flowers in the corner and above the chuppah.  Do you have something specific and creative you want to see? Let us know below! We love vintage and classy styles – but the sky’s the limit!

TELL USWhich chair décor is your favorite style? Comment below and tell us the creative ideas you’ve seen!

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